March 12-14, 2021

                                                                                                                                 ENTRY FEES
                                                      Natural Ability (NA)                       Utility Preparatory Test (UPT)                  Utility Test (UT)
                                                                   $150                                               $200                                                  $200

Chapters are required to follow all CDC, Local, State, and Provincial guidelines and to comply with their recommendations and mandates regarding maximum gathering size and any other requirements as applicable.

• All chapters are urged to limit non-member guests at all events, and remind you that all guests must sign the Release Agreement/Waiver, which has been  updated to include both COVID-19 and all communicable diseases. 
• Limit the number of helpers to the bare minimum required to successfully conduct your test or event.
• Urge all handlers to come alone or with one person only. Limit the number of spectators and gallery.
• Ask handlers to bring their own lunch and to limit gathering at mealtime.
• Have hand sanitizer and rubber gloves available at all times.
• Do not use shared coolers. 


                                                                              Beaver Pond Farm 980 Bear Creek Rd Luthersville, GA 30251

Chief Upland

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